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Precious items are accompanied by porcelain figurines, their fragility and beauty confirming the magnificence of those eras. In the gallery, Empire-style clocks tick, and paintings by old masters hang on the walls.
About our gallery in Krakow

Welcome to our exclusive vintage jewelry gallery, located in the historic Grand Hotel in Krakow, which is situated in the Czartoryski Palace.

As specialists in professional appraisal, sales, and advice concerning jewelry, we present an exceptional range of carefully selected, unique items. Our collection, encompassing historic treasures from the 18th to the 20th century, is a visual journey through the history of fashion and design. In our offer, you will find, among others, elegant Biedermeier brooches, stunning Empire pendants, Art Deco style necklaces, Art Nouveau earrings, 19th-century rings, and unique interwar period rings. We also encourage you to discover rare and highly valued collectible treasures of ancient Russian jewelry. We invite you to visit our Gallery and immerse yourself in the world of antique elegance and luxury.
Not Just Jewelry

In our gallery, you will find not only unique jewelry but also carefully selected works of art.

In addition to jewelry, we also offer a selection of paintings and porcelain, elegant clocks and watches, as well as selected pieces of silverware. Each item has been chosen for its unique character and history, making shopping with us not just a transaction, but a true experience. We invite you to discover our selected collection, where beauty and history come together to create unforgettable impressions.

Product Catalog

Our product catalog showcases a rich and diverse collection of antique jewelry, including Biedermeier, Empire, Art-Deco, Art Nouveau styles, as well as jewelry from Tsarist Russia and other eras.

In our offer, you will find carefully selected antique rings, brooches, bracelets, earrings, and pendants. Additionally, we have for sale unique paintings and accessories dated to the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. These historic treasures come from various regions of Europe, including the Austro-Hungarian Empire, England, France, Russia, and Poland, making each item in our gallery tell a unique story. We invite you to explore our exceptional collection, which stands as a testament to the craftsmanship and history of bygone eras.

Why choose us


Since 1980, we specialize in professional appraisal of jewelry and precious stones. Each item in our evaluation is not just an ornament, but a story – its unique features, such as age, origin, or the name of the master goldsmith who created it, are crucial for us. In our offer, you will find comprehensive appraisal services – from diamonds, through colored stones, to antique and contemporary jewelry.
Jewelry and precious stones

Expert Appraiser

During our company's existence, we have served over 70,000 customers. The company's owner, who has been involved in appraisals since 1980, is an appraiser, diamond expert, and gemologist with 30 years of experience as a court expert. Experience and professionalism define US.

Customer feedback

Ula Mochocka
Ula Mochocka
Piękna dawna biżuteria i przemiła obsługa! Przy zakupie pierścionka dużo się nauczyłam o czystości kamieni i szlifach, a pani Danuta przy okazji zerknęła na mój inny pierścionek art deco (i okazało się, że pierścionek jest oryginalny, ale kamień był po wojnie wymieniony, czego nie wiedziałam). Serdecznie polecam!
Klaudia Maciągowska
Klaudia Maciągowska
Rzetelna wycena i profesjonalna obsługa, a dodatkowo świetna lokalizacja. Przy następnej okazji na pewno skorzystam z usług ponownie!
Aleksandra Kupiec
Aleksandra Kupiec
Profesjonalna obsługa, po umówieniu wizyty telefonicznej wycena przebiegła sprawnie. Szafir w moim pierścionku okazał się naturalny, powiedziano mi na co zwracać uwagę podczas zakupu kamieni szlachetnych. Polecam!
Magdalena W.
Magdalena W.
Rzetelna, fachowa i przemiła obsługa. Osoby prowadzące punkt, to profesjonaliści i pasjonaci, którzy o kamieniach szlachetnych wiedzą wszystko. jeśli potrzebujecie wycenić kamień, lub kupić biżuterię, to zdecydowanie warto to zrobić właśnie tu.
Izabela Kosek
Izabela Kosek
Pełen profesjonalizm
Patryk Kuczyński
Patryk Kuczyński
Szybka i konkretna ocena biżuterii. Serdecznie polecam tą Panią!
Przepiękna biżuteria, każdy znajdzie coś dla siebie, miła i profesjonalna obsługa.
Joanna Barcelos
Joanna Barcelos
Profesjonalna i miła obsługa. Rzetelna wycena!! Polecam z całego serca.

Why Choose Us?


Unique Jewelry

We offer exclusively unique items whose history spans various epochs. Choosing our company guarantees a piece of history that will become a distinctive addition to your collection.


Authenticity Guarantee

Every piece of jewelry we offer undergoes a thorough appraisal. Our clients gain confidence in the authenticity and value of each purchased item.


Experience and Professionalism

We aim to provide not only jewelry but also satisfaction from your purchases and full immersion in the fascinating world of antiques.

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