Our appraisal service is a precise process where every detail matters.

In my 44 years of activity in the jewelry industry, I have managed to appraise about 400 thousand jewelry items.

My appraisal career began in the 1980s, and then, for 29 years, I collaborated with Desa and antique shops in Krakow. During this time, I particularly specialized in the appraisal of antique jewelry.

Certificates with parameters and descriptions

Each piece of jewellery valued by our company receives a certificate which contains the exact parameters of the precious stones and a description of the metal alloys from which the item was made. This certificate is not only a document confirming the value, but also a source of information about the origin of the jewellery being valued, with a precise indication of the historical period, the era in art and the master goldsmith who created it. We are often also able to provide an interesting history of the piece in question, adding historical value to our professional valuation services.

Make an appointment for a quotation

The valuation takes place in the presence of the owner. We kindly ask you to contact us to make an appointment. The cost of the valuation is 2% of the appraised value of the product + VAT


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